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Surveys of the Sacramento River
& Steamboat Slough
Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough were always surveyed together in the past BECAUSE
many considered Steamboat Slough to be the preferred route of navigation as it is most direct.
The boundary line between Sacramento and Solano Counties were made to split the use of
the main navigation channel at that time-current day Steamboat Slough.  Hubert Bancroft,
in his seven volume history of California published in parts starting in the 1870s shows a
map with Steamboat Slough listed as the Sacramento River.  It is important to note that
descriptions of the Sacramento River, Sutter Slough, Steamboat Slough and Old River
Sacramento refer to specific locations that some BDCP/SEFI researchers have confused
over the last 10 years.  In any case, this page provides links to several surveys of the
Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough.  Note that the files are LARGE and may upload
slowly depending on your own internet connection speed.  If you have questions about these
maps, you can email sunshine "at"
1906 Survey of the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough (uploaded 2/10/15)
1978 Atwater Survey of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta (reference site)
1935 Survey of Delta soils (reference site)
1880s  Hall survey of the Central Valley