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Snuggle Inn Lofts

Layout & details for Snuggle Inns #4,5,6,7,9,16,17,18, 19
   Reservation & Rates     
New 2006! 
We just added a slide show of Loft Views  (turn on the speakers)
WIFI available at most Snuggle Inns!
Snuggle Inn Rate Sheet

Reserve 2 lofts side-by-side for 2 families to sleep up to 12!

Snuggle Inn Loft Units are all waterfront 1 bedroom, 1 bath Cape Cod style Park Model RV's with "storage loft", plus full kitchen and living room.   They can sleep up to six persons, with 4 in queen size beds or sleeper couches, the other 2 on sleep mats.   You'll be amazed at this really cute Cape Cod style cabin..   The views of both Steamboat Slough or Snug Cove are beautiful.  Kitchen is fully equipped with large refrigerator, full size stove & oven, microwave, coffee pot, plates, glasses and eating utensils for 6.  You need to bring your own pots and pans of choice.  There is heat, ceiling fans and air conditioning or swamp coolers.  No linens are provided, except pillows and blankets.  Please bring you own pots, pans, towels, sheets and sleeping bags.  (more details below photos)

The view from Snuggle Inn #3 deck

Some loft Snuggle Inns have a deck looking onto the sandy swim beach and Steamboat Slough, or onto Snug Cove


Other loft units look onto Steamboat Slough, with dock space available in front.   Please look at the Park Map to see the locations of the loft units

Snuggle Inns #3,4 look onto
our sandy swim beach


Snuggle Inn #5,6 & 7 have  decks that look onto Snug Cove.


Snuggle Inn #5

Sample interior showing living room

More beach photos


Loft section inside, view outside from Snuggle Inns 18 & 19

Snuggle Inns #9,16,17,18 and #19 look onto Steamboat Slough and the guest docks right in front of the units

Looking at Snuggle Inns #16 & 17


Aerial photo showing
location of Snuggle Inns
looking onto Steamboat Slough
Go to Park Map to see loft locations onsite  We also have a one bedroom with bunk room

Outdoors you'll find a deck with picnic table, and charcoal bar-b-que or burn barrel for the campfires.  These units are ideal for romantic get-aways for 2 or for small families who want to spend a special memory-savoring days on the Delta.    Staying in a Snuggle Inn is "camping" at its most comfortable!  If you have a ski boat or PWC you want to bring along, we do have nice dock space in front of or nearby the Snuggle Inns, for additional charge.  If you just want to use dock space to fish off of, we have designated fishing docks at various locations in the park, at no additional charge for use.  There is also the sandy swim beach area for sunning and swimming.

Basic loft unit layout.  Lofts are for storage of sleeping mats and other items, giving more room downstairs for the visitors!

3+ BDR1 BDR w/loft
2+ BDRStudios

We've paved the roads in the park!  For those of you already familiar with the park, you'll be amazed at how nice the new paved roads look!  Here's some photos taken Sept-Oct, 2004:


Snuggle Inn Rates Per Night:  Prime time is May 15 through October 15
SI Type MAX Persons Incl. non-prime time prime time
Studio w/deck

1 Bdr with loft or bunk

2 BDR + Study w/deck

3+ Bdr w/deck













Discounts:  Non-prime time only:  pay for 6 nights, get 7th free
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Snuggle Inns:

Are pets allowed?  Yes...and no.  In select Snuggle Inns we do allow pets with additional cleaning fee paid.  In all the other Snuggle Inns, no pets are allowed, even if kept outdoors.  If you want a pet unit, please let us know when making the reservation!  Pet units are Snuggle Inns #7,10,12,15,16,17,18,19.

Can I pitch a tent outside the Snuggle Inn?  No, we do not allow tents to be pitched near the Snuggle Inn.  If some of your family want to camp instead of staying in the Snuggle Inn, please bring an RV.  Due to complaints about noise from tent-only campsites, we no longer have tent-only sites, except by special arrangement.  The one exception to this is Snuggle Inn #1, the home at the point, because there is a private camping area south of the home that could allow a tent to be used without it bothering other visitors to Snug Harbor.

Can I put up a screen tent outside the Snuggle Inn?  No, we do not allow this either.  The delta can be warm and dry during the summer and if there is any type of tent on the lawn for even one day, it can ruin the grass for all the future visitors to the park for that season.  Please leave the tents at home or rent a site for those in your party who want to camp or "rough it".

Do I get dock space when renting a Snuggle Inn?  You get non-designated use dock space for fishing off of, but if you want dock space for your ski boat or PWC, this is arranged and charged separately.  Please let us know how much dock space you will need when making your reservation.  If part of your family or group wishes to stay onboard, using our overnight guest dock area, please also arrange this when making your reservation.

Can I have extra visitors at my Snuggle Inn?  Your rental agreement clearly states the maximum number of persons onsite/using the Snuggle Inn.  You can not go over this maximum, even if someone is visiting for just a few hours.  Our county codes are very strict about the number of persons and cars allowed onsite, and we in turn must also be strict about this issue.  Its also not fair to other Snuggle Inn visitors around you if the units are overloaded, causing extra noise or disturbances.  If you expect extra people, schedule it with the office, if there is space available.  There will be additional fees.  We reserve the right to refuse any additional guests onsite that we were not notified of when the reservations are made.

Do I need to bring my own linens and towels, pots and pans?  Yes, we do not supply these items.  The kitchen does have plates, bowls, glasses and eating utensils for the # of persons allowed per each unit.


3+ BDR1 BDR w/loft
2+ BDRStudios

  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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