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Leaseholder News Page                                            2013 and earlier notices
February 2019:  On Feb 14 we got water on the road outside the gates for a few hours during high tide, and then it drained off.  With more flows continuing, we expect to have minor flooding onsite, hopefully not like 2017!  This is NOT a "climate change" issue.  It is a water flow management issue.  On a positive note, the new governor is quite clear that he is against the twin tunnels plan governor Brown kept pushing.  Now there is talk of a single tunnel.  As usual, the issue is HOW MUCH water will be diverted, not just HOW the water will be diverted.  More to come.
November 2018:  Lease renewal packets have been mailed or emailed out for those who have expressed an interest in renewing for an ANNUAL lease for 2019.  Those on a month-to-month rental agreement for work in the area will not need to complete the annual lease form.  Please make sure to let us know if you want to move to a different site, if it comes available.
May 2018:  Please see the annual water report posted at the office, and sent out via email to leaseholders.  Also note the good news that the new filtration system and added water storage tanks has resulted in much greater water pressure all through the park. 
4-16-18  Please see the notice of the results of the lead pipe tests.  No surprise the tests are ND.  In any case the results are posted at the office notice board and here at the leaseholder page.  Important notices about the water, WaterFix hearings, construction projects or repairs, and other news of importance to leaseholders is posted here.
images-2018/wells-water/Snug Harbor PWS No 4800561 Lead & Copper Notification Letter.DOC.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/Snug Harbor Lead & Copper Proof of Consumer Notification4-16-18.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/03 2018 Snug Harbor Resorts PWS No 4800561- WO 18C0435-Final Test Results.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/03 2018 Snug Harbor Resorts PWS No 4800561 Cust Monthly Docs.pdf 
3/7/18   We expect to do MAJOR infrastructure work in March, as the state Waterboard is requiring very expensive new filtration system, more water storage tanks, etc.  Since there will be heavy equipment onsite week days, we appologize in advance for any noise disturbance.  And the noise from the hilicopters the last 3 weeks over at Grand Island?  PGE finally responded to my calls and a guy came over yesterday and explained they are taking down the big power lines and reducing electricity capacity on the island apparently. 
Please note that we are doing everything we can to repair the docks and floats that keep being damaged every time Dept of Water Resources (DWR) creates unnatural low tides which results in the docks sitting on mud-damaging the docks.  Please note the boat launch access dock was damaged the last few days and we are working to fix that asap. 
1/28/18  Reminder that the office will be closed in February but we do have 4 staff persons onsite to assist leaseholders when needed.  We will not be accepting reservations for daily/weekly stays at least the first few weeks of February due to the wet, cold weather.  Nicky continues to answer all email enquiries and manage the staff, and starting in February will be involved with the Water Tunnels hearings, as we are part of a growning group of Northern California businesses and individuals opposed to the diversion of more Sacramento River water by any means, tunnels or otherwise.  The bay area drinking water aquifers have been declining for years because the Waterboard has allowed excessive diversions by Ca Dept of Water Resources.  We encourage you to email letters in opposition to the tunnels or other conveyance plans that keep popping up under the guize of "adaptive management".
12/29/17  Notice about water system posted at office.  We also sent lease renewal letter and lease forms to all leaseholders who said they want to renew.  Please return those forms as soon as possible.  As stated in the letter, we will be sending out invoices via email for those of you who pay monthly, so watch for the email and easy link to pay online.  Reminder:  Blue Canoe Property Management is no longer managing the property.  If you have questions or concerns please email Nicky.
11/17/2017  Leaseholder renewal sheets were sent out to all leaseholders that will be renewing their current leases for next year.  If we do not receive the lease renewal form back we will not be able to send the new leases out to you for signature. Please promptly return the lease forms or call or email to let us know you do not plan to renew your current lease.  Please watch for your mailed new lease paperwork and additional information which will be mailed out by November 25th so that you will receive it by Dec 1, 2017.  If you lease an RV site and want to move to an alternative site for the new year, please email us to request which sites are coming available.  Our goal is to expand the number of RV sites on lease and reduce the number of RV sites available for daily/weekly rental, to reduce the commotion in summer months. 
10/24/17  Leaseholders need to check in at the office on week ends to pick up the new gate "clickers" assigned to the leaseholder families.  We sent out an email about this.  If you did not receive the email please contact us to make sure the email address we have on file is correct.   Note staff is planning a Thanksgiving pot luck for those who are staying onsite and want to join in.  Remember to email us if you want to move to a different RV site for 2018 lease as we are accepting new leaseholders and it is anticipated that for 2018 summer there will be many more leases and many less daily/weekly RV sites to rent out.  Snuggle Inns 5,6,7 are leased and probably 14 and 15 will also be leased, so there will also be less number of loft units available to rent on a daily/weekly basis.  All this to say if you have friends or family planning to visit, fill out the reservation request now as we will begin accepting reservations for next summer in November.
9-29-17  Leaseholders please note the NEW gate system is messing up again, and the company that installed the system is working on it.  Please also note that starting the first week
of October, there will trucks and heavy equipment onsite to do some landscape and tree cutting work.  Several more large trees had died and need to be cut down before winter to avoid harm.  We are protecting all the trees we can, and the only explaination we've heard about the dead trees is that it is due to lower water quality in 2015-2016 from the drought.  The trees along the banks had roots exposed for long periods then the flood flows washed away the soils so that is why the bank trees fell, if not from degraded drought water quality.
Also note we will be sending out a mailing to go over plans for the park, changes to staff during winter months, limited office hours, and more.  If any of our current leaseholders what to move to different sites for the 2018 lease terms please email Nicky by mid-October 2017.
6-4-17  June 24th is the live band night.  Leaseholders and family are welcome to join in the potluck and bring beach chairs to listen to the band or dance under the stars.  Note the 10:00 PM quiet hours may be extended a bit this one night.
5-19-17  Leaseholders have been provided with personal gate codes that should not be shared with anyone.  If you have guests coming onsite, please remember to let the office staff know in advance.  Your guests will need to ring at the gate like all other non-leaseholder guests, to be let in to register at office
5-6-17   Leaseholders please note that the updated Emergency Response plan and area contact numbers has been posted at the office.  Copies will also be sent out by email today.
Here is a useful map to print out in case of medical emergencies:
5-3-17 and 5-5-17  2016 Drinking Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report was posted at the office for onsite leaseholders to read.  Notice of availability to be sent out 5-6-17.
report can also be read by downloading the pdf
2016 Water Quality Snug Harbor Resort.pdf   See notice of posting     usgs-arsfacts.pdf
4-30-17  News about the drinking water well, CCR, test results and more will be posted at the office board May 1, and we will email out notices and information.  We are just complying with the state regulations for public drinking water wells.  We continue to advise customers to drink bottled water, boil water from the well, and take note of the water levels and fast flows in the Delta.  Please be very careful when on the docks, and wear life jackets when on the docks or on your boat.  River flows are VERY fast and boaters should only go out into Steamboat Slough or the Sacramento River if you have a good, reliable boat engine!  Bring a cell phone in waterproof case with you so you can call for help if needed.
4-9-17   We got a bit of rain and even lightening yesterday but otherwise it is nice out and the striper are hungry!  The RV sites are ready for people to come with their RVs so we will go ahead and open the reservation system to start April 14th for RVs but for Snuggle Inns we are waiting until May.  If, however, a leaseholder has family coming to visit for spring break and you need to rent a Snuggle Inn, contact the office.
3-17-17  It is beautiful out, pretty warm and the ground is dry enough to park the RV and relax.  Many sites got new gravel and were leveled because the trees fell down and roots pulled up.  Water system is working but we always suggest you boil the water just in case.
We are starting to dry out and will begin repairs to the RV sites that were messed up from ruts as RVs left in the high water of February.  We will also be doing work on the road outside the gates and have to have many large trees cut up as they fell or are falling.  Some leaseholders had storage units that had items in them which fell out and were ruined during the high water weeks of February.  This is a perfect example of WHY we limit the size and location of storage units.  Also, those of you who left behind propane tanks:  tanks were gathered and stored so they would not float away.  Suburban will be reinstalling tanks only when we are sure we will not receive excess flows gratis of DWR who "manages the water of California".

2-25-17  Well and water system is up and running but please continue to drink only bottled water or else boil water before drinking it.  Only come out to visit at low tides, as the road leading to the park continues to hold standing water and is reflooded with each high tide, as is the park in the lower areas.  CalTrans still has both ferrys closed, and announced that the major bridges in the Delta will be single lane travel as they "inspect" all the bridges at the same time.  Remember a few years ago when CalTrans limited Delta travel and access by inspection and painting of the Delta bridges, most of them at the same time?  In any case, plan to drive around the long way, to the bridge onto Ryer Island, or state route 84.  Note that we have a huge amout of clean up and repair work to do, so we will not be accepting daily reservations for March and April, unless by special request of our leaseholders.  We have to relevel and regravel many of the RV sites, cut up huge trees that fell, remove the roots of those trees, do bank and dock repairs and check all infrastructure functions to make sure they are working properly.  Some of you asked about the park cats:  yes all are OK and staff did a great job caring for them despite the high water.  We were a bit worried 2 weeks ago when we could not find Camper the Cat, but she was smart and found high spots and is out and about greeting people daily again.   Feb photos
2-19-17  Well and water system still not available for use, so if you come onsite to check your RV unit, please remember that!  We emailed out notices and posted on the door.  Also, the roads are slick with river silt, and outside the gates along the road there is still alot of standing water even at low tide.  We continue to get high water with each high tide.
2-17-17  Each day the high tide brings more water onto the land, and it is impossible to start repairing the damage from the last few weeks.  And the news says we are headed for more of the same all spring due to snow runoff.  The water break was fixed but the whole system has to be flushed, then the water tested to make sure there is no bacteria, before anyone could start using it again.  It is cold, windy, miserable, muddy and wet in the Delta.
2-12-17  Yesterday the water was so high at high tide that it made one of the pressure tanks for the water treatment system float, fall over and break the line.  We shut down the water system as we are concerned about river water getting into the drinking water system.  It is one pipe that broke between bressure tanks, so the flows are limited where they can go.  The repair people said they can come out tomorrow, if the ferry is open and if the water levels don't keep coming up so high.  Since there is so much standing water now, even at low tide, we think it will be higher water at high tide late afternoon.  We sent out an email to the leaseholders who can remove their RVs to do so (if not already done) and also to not drink the water unless they boil first.  Staff and some determined leaseholders are remaining onsite and neighbors are being very helpful.  The water levels may not go down for days, given what is going on with Oroville Dam and the extra water being sent down the Yolo Bypass.  We encourage everyone to bring life jackets with you to wear if waling around in the park.  The water is as much as 24" deep in some places, up to 36" deep in the low spots, and falling down in the cold water could be a risk, even if you can swim.  More photos will be posted as needed.  Below you see the road outside the gate area and it is 24" deep, so too deep for regular vehicles.  The other photo is the No Wake sign across the way.  That sign got partially covered at high tide!  Photo of a sign along Snug Harbor drive...a bit ironic I think.  And then the last photo is by the office looking at the RV sites.
If you have any questions, please email as staff are busy handling problems onsite.
2-8-17   We got some high water, or water on the roads and in the low spots yesterday.  It will be WORSE today.  Do not drive on the dirt road leading to the park.  If you need to come out, bring rain boots, park up on the levee road, and walk in, being very careful.  We suggest you just don't come to the Delta until this latest storm and its heavy flows settle down.  We will post more photos today.  So far, no water inside anyone's RVs but it is just really wet out.  And those wind gusts have knocked down trees, ripped off roofs, not just shingles, and blown away dock floats.  We will have lots to clean up.  Pray for our NEIGHBORS, some of whom have low lieing homes that may be getting wet inside.
1-19-17    High wind and rain knocked out the power to much of the Delta starting yesterday evening.  Power back for SH today, but computers and email are NOT working correctly.  You can leave telephone messages but remember to leave your phone number.  Or email to sunshine "at" and Nicky will get back to you by the following morning.
1-14-17  Water was higher yesterday than on the 12th.  High tide is lower but the water is backing up from Yolo Bypass flows it appears. 
To help understand what is happening, go to the links on the photo page.  Historically this would happen every 10 years, but since DWR/USBR modified the flood flow capacity of Yolo bypass, it has happened more frequently.  Still it is not as high as 2006, at least yet!
1/12/17:  Yesterday we did get 12" to 18" of water in the low areas of the park, the the road outside the gate had water up to 18" so it was not safe to go on the road for low level vehicles.  Trucks and problem.  As of this morning the road in the park is not flooded, but there is standing water in some of the grass areas and we may get high water again during high tide.  So far, that we can tell, no water has gotten into any RV but leaseholders who left stuff in storage units have wet stuff.  See photos
1/10/2017:  IMPORTANT!  
2:00 pm update.  We are getting water into some of the RV sites and at the boat launch.  Our neighbors yards are full of standing water.  See photos.  We think the higher water will come in with the high tides on Wednesday but in the meantime it is cold, wet, and a good time to NOT visit the Delta!

7:00 am So far the water levels have been fine even with the huge amount of flow on Steamboat Slough.  However, by about 3:00 am today, the flows had increased to approximately 29,000 cfs on Steamboat Slough down by Snug Harbor, based upon the gage readings of lower Steamboat Slough which CDEC is showing the flows for just this morning.  See screen prints.  Most of Sutter Slough now flows into Miners Slough, but about one third of the flow from Sutter appears to add to Steamboat Slough flows, so that is why we are estimating higher flow than what the upper Steamboat Slough gage says.  We do expect to have high water today, at least in some of the neighbor's yards, and water coming in on the boat launch ramp and by the gate area.  Jucy made contact with leaseholders so they can decide if they want to come out to move the RVs.  However it is really windy out so if you come this way drive carefully!  Leaseholders may want to come onsite to move their RVs to a location offsite for a few days, or else move the RV to our higher ground areas, such as into a pullthrough site or next to the Snuggle Inns down closer to the beach area.  This suggestion applies to leaseholders with RVs in sites 6 through 10, 20 through 24 and on Marina View Circle.  Onsite leaseholders need to note that the north bath is closed due to repair of floor needed.  Please use the bathroom in your own RV or use the South Bath.

Photo above shows the dock at high tide on 1-9-17, which looks the same as today.  Steamboat Slough needs to rise another two feet for it to start pushing flows onto the land in the park.  As of this morning the flows had increased so much that we expect highwater today at least at high tide in early afternoon. 
Other photo show screen prints of flow gage on lower Steamboat Slough
1/1/2017  Quarterly we have to post the results of the water tests, and send out notices to those of our leaseholders who live onsite.  Here are the 2 documents provided by Quality Service (water system management company).  If you have any questions, contact Nicky.  Notice  Posting notice
12/1/2016:  The primary well went through the flushing and video inspection, then the whole water treatment system was chlorinated and flushed out, tests were done and now we're back to using the primary well and the secondary well just to add pressure when the park is full.  Contractor said it would take 1 week but it took 2.5 weeks.  But things seem OK now.
10-10-2016  Letter to SWRCB Erick Swing: swrcb10-10-16.pdf  also ATTACHMENT B.pdf   Attachment A will be uploaded by 10-11-16.
10-5-16  Letter to leaseholders  leaseholder10-5-16.pdf
9/30/16:  (sent out Oct 1-2 via email and land mail as needed)  We are required to post and email or mail notices about our public drinking water system periodically, and report to the appropriate agency the notice or reports were provided.  We post the annual reports and notices at   
8/15/16:  Some persons onsite this week end noticed a change in the water quality.  As the flows into the Sacramento River and Delta are withheld in the reservoirs upstream, that means the Delta aquifer is not recharging and the water quality may suffer.  In the Delta the water can have lots of minerals like sulfer, iron, manganeze and more.  We make every effort to keep the highest quality of water available through our well and water system, and it is chlorinated and tested daily, with monthly water tests and reports.  However, we suggest you drink bottled water if you have any health concerns.
7/27-29/2016:  Just like last year, Waterboard is requiring us to send out a letter about the water quality of our wells.  Each of the leaseholders will receive a letter in the next few days and we will post the notice and report in the office on the permits board, as well as in the bathrooms.  If you have questions, please email Nicky.   4800561 As Tier 2 Notice72816.pdf   General info: usgs-arsfacts.pdf 
7/15/16:  Waterboard hearing regarding the "WaterFix" plans for tunnels to divert water from the Sacramento River start July 26th.  Since Snug Harbor is located on Steamboat Slough, one of the waterways that would be impacted by more Sacramento River diversions, we are very involved in the hearings.  In fact, the whole North Delta could be very negatively impacted by the proposed new intakes...along with the extinction of salmon, degration of drinking water quality, increase in water weeds, etc....


6/4/2016:  Letters or notices from the governor's office/Waterboards have gone out to water rights users, including in the Delta, asking to curtail diversion of water from the Delta and other rivers of California.  Once again this year, we will not be using the "slough pumps" except in case of emergency.  This means well water will be used for light watering of grass, plants and trees, but that we will let the grass die in the general storage areas of the park.  We also caution all leaseholders and their guests regarding use of the dock ramps at low tides, as we've seen the lowest tides ever noted here and the ramps are quite steep.  Most of our docks site on the mud or in 3' to 5' in the marina area during those low tides, and the marina entrance is about 2' before you hit the soft mud.  Oddly, it has been observed that we will have a "low tide" during the time when charts say it should be high tide, which is an indication of excessive withdrawal of water from Steamboat Slough right at the time the tide shifts from incoming to outgoing.
Updated 5/17/2016:  We received a certified letter from Waterboards drinking water division stating that we had to post information about the water test results from March, even though those resports were already posted.  We also had to provide copies of the notice to leaseholders onsite, and were going to email copies to leaseholders per instructions by 5/10/16.  However, on 5/10/16 we got an email from the Waterboards representative stating it was a mistake on her park, and we didn't have to post a notice despite what the certified letter said.  So if the leaseholders who got notice and then were told to disregard the notice & are confused, our appologies...but complain to Waterboards representative, not us. 
5/7 and 5/8 2016:  A leaseholder informed me that she was blocked from using Miner Slough bridge late at night by 2 men in CalTrans style clothing.  She could see no road work going on the bridge or on Ryer Island.  She waited in her car until about 3:00 AM when the guys woke her up and allowed her to access Ryer Island.  This incident was reported to CalTrans, and the CalTrans representative said Miner's Slough bridge has no record of closure like that at nighttime.  This incident has now been reported to Solano County officials as there is a concern for safety of travelers on SR 84 if persons claiming to be officials are stopping resident and visitor traffic to Ryer Island.  If you happen to be coming to Ryer Island at night, and are blocked from using Miner's Slough bridge, we advise you to call 911 immediately, and also call family you may have on Ryer Island to come and assist you.
5/1/2016  The first two weeks of May we will be doing more tree removal-many trees died along the banks.  One theory is that since we could not irrigate with river water, we used well water, which is chlorinated, and since the trees are not used to chlorinated water, it impacted them.  Another theory is that the river water is getting saltier..all the dieing trees at Hogback Park are an indication of that theory.  We will also be shutting off the park water for a few hours mid-week the first week of May, to fix several small leaks or replace older RV site risers that need updating.  We will notify anyone onsite when the water will be off.  Hopefully all leaseholders got the letter about using armbands for busy holiday week ends.  Only a few commented and those comments were favorable, so we'll try the armbands for Memorial Day week end.  Note that the Wombacher family group will bring a live band onsite Saturday evening of Memorial Day week end, and all are welcome to come listen and dance and enjoy the company!
4/8/2016  Well and water system test came out fine.  Notices are still posted until the state says we should take them down, even though the water tests show there is no bacteria in the system.  All leaseholders will be getting a letter to remind them they have to change their water hose at least once per year, and must always connect to the backflow connection valve, a state code.  Please also go to the fishing page.  This is a biiiiig year for catching striper off the docks!!
3/22/2016  Due to the excessive but welcome rains in March, the ground is extra mushy so please be careful when parking on unpaved areas until the weather and soils dry up again.  Note that we posted several important notices at the office, and we will be sending out a spring newsletter to all leaseholders.  In particular, we received a notice of a problem with the well water, which we believe is resolved but until new water tests can be taken by the testing company, FGL, and the state Waterboards gives the OK, as posted at our office front door, please do not drink the water or else boil it before drinking.  Note the water is chlorinated so if you have plants or a project that requires distilled water you will have to purchase the distilled water at a market.  We have several new leaseholder families which we hope all of you will welcome to the Snug Harbor "family of friends".
3/1/2016  Leaseholder new gate fob (access card) are in the office for pick up when you come onsite.  We also have new vehicle tags you will need to hang in your vehicle when onsite.  We've ordered new vessel and boat trailer stickers which will also be issued to those who have boats here on lease.  This week we are having the roadway outside the gates improved by filling the potholes and leveling it.  Please remember to drive slowly along Snug Harbor Drive! 
12/31/2015   The new gate system is up and running.  We now can see as well as hear who is at the gate.  There are new individualized gate access codes for each leaseholder, and also new gate "fob" which looks like a small key chain you can use to open the gate without calling the office.  We will issue one key fob to each leaseholder based on security deposits previously paid, and will have the gate entry information ready for the leaseholders to pick up after receipt of the new signed lease agreements.  Until you receive your personalized gate code and fob, please use the gate code provided for December entry.  Note the December code will be eliminated by about 1/10/16.
12/5/2015    The new gate system actually is not functioning correctly, so we contacted leaseholders and provided a temporary gate code for the month of December.  Note the office is closed all of December so staff can be working on projects around the property, so if you don't bring your gate code with you, access might be blocked.  Lease renewals have been delayed because we wanted to send new gate fobs with the lease renewal but until we know the system is working, we will not pass out new gate fobs.  We will mail out the lease renewals the week of Dec 7-14.  Sorry for the delay!
11/21/2015     Yesterday the new gate access went "live".  You will notice that there is a new access pad with video monitoring, and the old model of gate cards no longer work.  We sent leaseholders access codes, but they are not all the same so please keep the access codes confidential.  Once the new leases are signed and the payments received, we will issue new gate fobs which you attach to your keychain.  The security deposit on each one will be $100, as they are much more expensive to replace plus we have to individually program each one, and associate the newly programed gate fob with the leaseholder name.  We will be able to generate annual reports of use, and will be better able to comply with state requirements for reporting of number of days per year of use.  We will also be able to weekly change the daily/weekly guest access code, and can issue leaseholders temporary access codes for their guests, upon special request.  By next spring the same system will be working on the Marina View Circle gates, so control of access will be further improved.  Questions?  Email Nicky.
10/12/2015   We will be mailing out by regular mail an updated leaseholder letter to provide information regarding changes to lease applications for 2016.  Any leaseholder who wishes to renew an RV site (park models included) will need to complete the updated information sheet so the leases can be prepared and mailed out by 12/1/2015.  leaserenewalquestions.pdf.  NOAA and many weather media outlets indicate this winter will be very wet.
We remind all our leaseholders that personal items left on the sites need to be picked up and stored in their units and if you have a propane tank, it must be secured or removed until the winter is over.  If you have family or friends who wish to visit on holiday week ends next summer we suggest you have them email us their requests for Snuggle Inns or RV or tent sites.  We will be opening up the daily/weekly reservation grid for 2016 by the end of October, and there are alot of requests already pending.  There will be less Snuggle Inns, less waterfront RV sites available on a daily/weekly basis next summer.  Tent sites will be available only as add-ons to reservations of RV sites or Snuggle Inns, and the number of persons included in the reservation has been reduced to help reduce the problems we saw this past summer with people bringing in to many people onsite.
Once in a while, we post information that is of specific interest to our leaseholders.  We also post on this page any advance warnings we receive regarding possible high water events or other Delta disasters. So remember to check back to this page once in a while.
9/30/15  During the fall months you should expect tree trimming noises during the week days.  Several of our very large trees seem to have been affected by the drought this year and we will have to substantially trim or remove the trees prior to the start of winter, which we're told will be an especially wet one.
9/7/2015  We've had many enquiries for new annual lease sites.  Existing leaseholders who want to move to a different site should send us an email now, or plan to stay put where you are.  We are getting bids to bring in a few more new loft style park model RV's for the sites by the entrance gate, and our Snuggle Inns 14 and 15 are for sale as of end of season, as we want to reduce the number of Snuggle Inns we have for daily/weekly rental next summer.  We are getting bids for a new entrance gate system that has video and better audio communication from the office.  We also hope to get solar roof system for the office and main well, so that even when the power goes down, office can function.  There will be major tree and limb removal this fall, and we may need to ask some of our leaseholders to move their RV's to make sure the RV is not damaged, just in case.  Note that Nicky continues to function as park manager as new staff are in training, but Vicki still works part time onsite handling leaseholder billing and bookkeeping maters.  Any leaseholder questions, requests or concerns should be provided in WRITING and emailed to Nicky's email  sunshine "at"

6/29/2015   We are sending out the annual CCR about the well water along with an update of the California Water Wars and an update on staffing.  Leaseholders should receive 3 different letters either by email, hand delivery or by US postal service.  In the meantime, here is the 2-page summary letter:  June 28-2015-1.pdf and the official fgl-ccrjun292015.pdf  General info: usgs-arsfacts.pdf For updates on the California Water Wars as it applies to the Delta and more specifically Steamboat Slough and Snug Harbor, you can always check the Water Wars pages. 
5/17/15  This notice was emailed to leaseholders we have email for, and mailed or delivered to those we don't have email for.  leaseholder5-16-15.pdf  this is an update of staff changes.  Please welcome new staff Beth and Bruce, Earlene and Ernie.  Vicki is still handling billing and bookkeeping & leaseholder invoicing matters.  Nicky is the manager and any questions or concerns should be directed to Nicky. 
5/5/2015:  I plan to send out a letter to all leaseholders in the next few days to notify you of some staff/management changes here at Snug Harbor's resort.  Nicky assumed park manager position again, as our manager Kit for the past year has decided to step down to take a leave of absence.  This has been a sudden and unplanned change so we ask for your patience as we transition and train new staff.  As you know we always bring in seasonal staff anyway, so please welcome new staff that are already here or incoming.  Vicki is helping out with new staff training, as is Mike.  In the meantime, the good news is that DWR has announced they will NOT try to put any barrier across Steamboat Slough this year, and the latest version of the Delta Plan does not indicate "restoration" plans for Steamboat Slough as previous plans showed.  However, the FloodSafe program for flood control indicates there will be levee repair work done on Ryer Island sometime in the next months to years.  When we know more, we'll let you know.  If you have family that plan to visit you this summer, we suggest you make the reservations NOW since we are getting booked early for the holiday week ends and the July-August most popular weeks for Delta vacations.
4/3/2015:  If you read or listen to any news in California, you will have heard that the governor directed substantial cutback of watering, and the pulling out of lawns, as well as other "drought response" measures that could affect us here at Snug Harbor.  This week we will send out a letter to leaseholders detailing use of water at Snug Harbor, and to let you know we will no longer be watering ANY lawns at the resort, including leaseholder lawns.  The locations in the park where there are leach fields will probably remain green, and we will sparingly water plants and trees as needed.  Leaseholders will not be allowed to water their own lawns, due to the governors order that applies statewide.  For more information and a copy of the governor's executive order when a signed one comes available, go to Water Wars  page.
3/8/2015:  DWR still proposed to put barriers accross the upper end of Steamboat Slough either this year or sometime in the future.  (see Water Wars news page) The purpose of the barriers is to force more fresh Sacramento River water into the canals leading to the export pumps.  While DWR assures the water quality required for the North Delta farmers will be maintained, it is still expected the water levels, particularily at low tides, may impact us in summer or fall months.  Dept of Boating and Waterways has started spraying to get rid of water weeds, and marinas received instruction on how to remove invasives ourselves by pulling up and hauling, so we hope to avoid the water weeds problems of the last few years on Snug Cove.
12/9/2014, updated 12/23/14:  Important information about one of our drinking water wells and our planned actions.  Go to Wells and Septics
8/1/2014  The Bay Delta Conservation Plan comment period ended.  At this point in time, the "preferred plan" tis called dual conveyance, meaning have two ways to divert most of the water from the Delta, saving just enough to protect fish, wildlife and the natural environment.  According to the documents, the preferred plan is using the current water conveyance system but reinforce the levees, and build two huge tunnels to transport Sacramento River under the Delta.  Either way, more water will be exported than is healthy for the Delta and Northern California.  The BDCP did not recognize any long term impacts to Snug Harbor area, but did single out Hidden Harbor "if" West Side conveyance was used instead.  DWR plans to run cold water down the Yolo Bypass and Sacramento Ship Channel to get the salmon to migrate that way, to avoid the intake pumps on the Sacramento River.  That also puts cold fresh water into the Liberty Island reservoir.  They call it "adaptive management" meaning they will take the water and then see what type of "restoration" projects will work in the long run.  The Delta area has also been expanded to includ the whole Suisun Bay and up above Sacramento as well on some maps, but the official one right now doesn't.  See BDCP Delta region at
See preferred alternative plan map at  I believe the construction activities in the Delta may be disruptive to people vacationing in the Delta in some areas.  The BDCP did NOT indicate any impacts for Snug Harbor but if water flows are kept low we might expect impacts.  Due to the increase in lease enquiries, we will be leasing out more sites and therefore will have less number of sites and Snuggle Inns for summer daily/weekly rental next year.  So if you plan to have family come out in 2015, let us know well in advance!  And if you want to change the site you currently lease, you need to let Kit know IN WRITING, in advance as we are already taking applications for sites we plan to lease out, including all Marina View Circle sites not already leased and RV 3,4, 6,11,12.  The studio units in RV sites 3 and 4 will be moved to other sites and the loft units currently labeled SI 14 & 15 will be sold, most likely.  We also have enquiries for long term lease of some of the loft units facing Snug Cove, which we will do for the fall and winter months.  All this to say, if you want to move to a different site, let us know in writing NOW!
6/30/14 Copies of the water well reports and leaseholder letter:
QSI Snug Harbor Resort 3-13532 revised.pdf
6/10/2014:  Reminder to all RV site leaseholders.  You many not change the site or make "improvements" without written permission from management, after submission of clear map and plans, after you have reviewed your lease to verify your plans comply with lease terms.
6/5/14:  Ca Dept of Water Resources, water rights dept, has sent notice to all water diverters in the Sacramento Watershed, including the Delta, that all must curtail or totally stop taking water out of the rivers and streams due to the drought.  There are lots of water rights issues related to the curtailment issue which actually don't apply to places like us, with riparian water rights.  However, in the interest of helping the Northern California surface and quifer water shortage issue, we will not be irrigating with our slough pumps this year, except for cases of emergency.  Please note that use of well water for irrigation will be very, very limited and you should expect the grass or lawns to get very dry this summer/fall.  We will be watering only one day each week, most likely on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  A letter or email will be sent out notifying leaseholders of this and other park issues.
update 6/5/14:  Barriers proposal has been pulled from DWR plans for now, DWR has confirmed.

March 23, 2014  Letter to leaseholders may be emailed and mailed in the next few days: march2214-leaseholders.pdf
Basically, Paul Marshall representing DWR said that because the governor declared an emergency, DWR is planning on moving forward with installing "emergency" barriers that were first proposed by Metropolitian Water District in 2003-2005 for totally different reasons.Go to this page to see more maps  Mr. Marshall said the impact to properties and boaters would be cut off access at the north end of Steamboat Slough to the Sacramento River, lower fresh water flow below the barrier, 18 inches of lower low tides, 6 inches of higher high tides.  The farmers may have trouble using their pumps for irrigation and will be able to borrow portable pumps from DWR to be able to draw irrigation water out of the waterway below the barriers.  None of my specific questions submitted in advance of the meeting were answered but a farmer at the meeting did describe the impacts on Sutter Slough for farmers, noting the waterways were deeper in 1977 so those impacts are not a good measure of what to assume in 2014.  As one other Delta defender, Burt, put it:  The problem is not salinity.  The problem is the mismanagement by DWR that allowed to much water to be exported to areas south of the Delta, leaving the resevoirs of Northern California dangerously low while the resevoirs of Southern and Central California are mostly full".  Restore the Delta noted a few weeks ago that the state limited water exports to farmers last year and then sent an extra 800,000 taf to SoCal area.  Perhaps this is where the unaccounted for water also went?  unaccountedforwater.pdf 

In summary, the state representatives have not disclosed the real impacts to us here at Snug Harbor and while common sense says there could be some very bad consequences of those low, low tides, no computer modeling by DWR has disclosed the negative impacts other than what is stated above.  Nicky
March 19, 2014.  In the next few days we will mail out a letter to all leaseholders, once we know what the state is planning for those Steamboat and Sutter Slough barriers and how it will impact dock use at low low tides here at Snug Harbor.  DWR representatives indicated the impact on the waterways would be up to 18 inches lower water level at low low tides of the month.  I believe the DWR representatives did not disclose all the actual impacts.  They say there will be other meetings and opportunities to input comment before the barriers go in.  They also say they want the barriers in by May 1, 2014.  When I know the facts, I will post them here.  In the meantime, the state has created a web page to report what is going on with the proposed Delta barriers:
March 16, 2014.  An email will go out to those leaseholder email addresses that we have, to give you an update of what we know of the state plan to put a barrier across Steamboat Slough to stop fresh water from flowing down this natural and historic waterway.  That we know of, the plan to "dam the North Delta" as some media are calling it was devised by Metropolitian Water District in 2004 or earlier.  There are documents, maps and presentations where MWD proposed these barriers incase of a huge levee failure in the Delta due to "earthquake" and the sole purpose of the barriers is to protect THEIR flow of fresh water to the export pumps.  Media and some letters to locals say the propose is to protect "Delta water quality" however look at the facts.  I do not know exactly how much flow will be stopped, how it will affect us here at Snug Harbor, but I do believe it may make boating unsafe on Steamboat Slough if water levels get to low, and it also may kill off all the trees and plants if brackish water is allowed to get into the Delta.  The meeting on Tuesday March 18, 2014 at 9 to 11 am in Walnut Grove is supposed to answer some of our questions.  If you have the time and want to hear for yourself, please come to the meeting.  Here is more info link.  Some media outlets say the barriers would go in by May First.  However, DWR does not have the necessary permits but DWR representative for the barrier project says the state can do it under the "drought emergency" declaration by the governor.  As soon as I know more, I will post it here.  I will also post links to articles or documents as they come available.    NICKY
March 2, 2014:  WiFi in the park.  Please note that wifi is available at all sites and in the marina berths.  You open your browser-based computer or mobile device and the company that runs the wifi has a web page that pops up.  You need to fill out the information and provide payment to that company for access to the wifi system.  We do not run the wifi system onsite, but allow the company to do so since we believe they are the most reliable in the area.  Plus, many of the other marinas & RV parks of the Delta use the same company, so you can go boating and find wifi access in lots of places around the Delta.  For new leases we can add the cost into the lease, but it is the same price as you pay now so it might make more sense to just pay the company directly.

Important to note!  Summer reservations are very brisk so if you plan to have some of your family or friends come visit over the summer months, encourage them to make their reservations NOW!  Especially for the holiday week ends, as you can tell from the new online reservation system Snuggle Inns, especially, are getting booked early this year, along with the waterfront full hookup RV sites.
January 2014 topic:  The increase of PGE and Garbage rates:
In March 2013 PGE changed our main electrical meters to "time of use" smart meters, which resulted in raising our average per KWH from .13 to .15 all the way to between .22 to .30 !  We had no choice in this.  PGE says they are complying with California PUC requirements that all small businesses be on time of use meters.  For 2013, we did NOT pass this increase on to our leaseholders.  However, for 2014, leaseholders have been advised the rates will be higher.  PGE had provided an estimate of .22 per KWH on average, but in discussion with a prepresentative of PGE on 1/6/14, I found out SHR could qualify to go to a more simple rate structure but still comply with the "time of use" mandate of the CPUC.  What this means is that for those on an annual lease, we will have to read the meter at the beginning of the lease, on May 1, on Nov 1 and on Dec 31 so that leaseholders will be billed based on the "winter" rate average in winter months and on the "summer" rate average in summer months.  It will be more hassles for staff, but will be a bit less than the .24 per KWH as noted in the 2014 lease agreement.
Please review the documents below by clicking on each.  If you have any questions, please use the email form: Lease questions  and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Well and septic news:  Past
2012:  Systems E and C had to be upgraded to "surface engineered systems" because the experimental water flows on Steamboat Slough for the fish migration studies tends to cause higher water here around Memorial Day week end-traditional septic systems don't work so well when the water table is four feet from the surface!!!