Snug Harbor
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Snuggle Inn Rental Cottage Rates (Similar to 2018 and 2017 rates:
Check in after 3:00 PM  Check Out by Noon.  Most of our cottages are WATERFRONT.  See photos and details of each at the Cottages links   4-night minimum for advance reservations of summer dates, 2-night minimum all other times. Reservations required.  Prices subject to change without notice.  No smoking allowed in any cottage. No smoking of any federally-prohibited substances onsite.

Studio size cottage:  Si 8 or 12
1-2 adults:  $135 per night
1-2 adults, 1-2 small children: $150 per night

Loft style cottage:  (SI ,9,10,11,14,15,16,17)
1-2 persons:  $180 per night
3 persons: $205 per night
4 persons:  $230per night
5 persons:  $255 per night
6 persons:  $280 per night

1 bdr no-loft cottage:  (SI 6,7,18)
1-2 adults:  $180 per night
3 persons: $205 per night
4 persons: $230 per night

Larger homes: (SI 1)
up to 10 persons: $500 per night
11 persons:  $525 per night
12 persons: $550 per night
13 persons:  $575 per night
14 persons: $600 per night

Larger homes: (SI 2)
up to 10 persons:  $550 per night
11 persons:  $575 per night
12 persons:  $600 per night

Larger homes:  SI 3
up to 10 persons:  $500 per night
11 persons:  $525 per night
12 persons: $550 per night
13 persons:  $575 per night
14 persons: $600 per night

Duplex:  Loft and studio cottages SI 4
Up to 6 persons:  $350 per night
7 persons over age 4: $375 per night
8 persons over age 4:  $400 per night

No refunds and no change of dates allowed 3 days or more prior to arrival
No refunds and no changes of dates accepted once reservation has been finaled and paid for.  No refunds for reduction in # of days.
No refunds, no exchanges of dates
but you can let us know 
if you plan to let a friend
or family use your
last chance to add dock space, people, pets etc at lower online rate.  If you wait until you arrive, it is a DIFFERENT and higher rate per person, if there is even availability.

Rates above reflect the estimated cottage rental only.  The online system will calculate for you the total cost based on the dates you input, number of persons coming onsite,  and including the "extras" that you might request. Prices are subject to change, and full payment is due when we email you to confirm the reservation.  To get the exact cost of your stay, go to online reservation system or reservation form and input your information. 
*  Pets allowed in designated units only and pet fees must be paid in advance and pet agreement and proof of rabies shot provided on check-in at the latest.
pet policy .  No agressive dogs, no pitt bulls or pitt bull mixes allowed onsite.  Pet security deposit will be required as a hold:  $150.  Security deposit will be released after customer leaves, as long as customer has not let his/her pet cause problems for persons in the park which required staff intervention to resolve the issue.
*  Snuggle Inns:  2- night minimum fall through spring; 3-4 night minimum for summer dates, except last-minute fill-ins.  We do not allow one-night reservations for Snuggle Inns.
*  Security deposit held by credit card on arrival: $1000 for larger Snuggle Inns and $500 for lofts and studios
*  The reservation includes only the total number of persons listed in your reservation. 
You can request additional persons and pay the fees, but each cottage has a people limit.

Maximum persons per RV site or Snuggle Inn rented:
Unit rented people included in price maximum allowed, extra charge applies
RV sites 2 6
Grout RV sites 6 12
tent sites & Dry RV sites 2 4
group tent sites 2 8
Loft Snuggle Inns 2 6
Studio Snuggle Inns 2 4
Snuggle Inn 1-4 bdr 10 14
Snuggle Inn 2-3 bdr 10 12
Snuggle Inn 3-3bdr 10 12
Snuggle Inn 4 -2 park RV 6 8

Waterfront vacation rentals on Steamboat Slough

ADD ONS: per night
Dock space: 15,20,25,30’/$8,$12,$16,$20
Boat trailers storage: $5
Extra vehicle: $10
Pet in cottage, allowed in designated cottages only: $5 each pet Plus automatic $30 pet cleaning fee, subject to
pet policy

Day Use guest:  Not Available summer dates.
All sites and cottages and berths have use limils and we will not allow additional persons over age 4 to remain in those sites or cottages.  Unregistered extra guests located in the park or at our docks are onsite in violation of the California "Inkeeper Laws" and are tresspassing.